Of all the investment disciplines, value investing is the one most grounded in humility.


Managed Accounts

We manage separate account portfolios ranging in size up to over $100 million for individuals, family offices, corporate pension plans, charitable foundations and other eleemosynary institutions, and other clients. Our separate account minimums range from $1 million for a US Equity/ADR account to $10 million for a global or international account.  Accounts are generally managed on a fully discretionary basis with the common objective of long-term capital appreciation.

Accounts are not assigned to individual portfolio managers as is more commonly the practice within the investment advisory industry, but are managed by the firm’s Investment Committee, which makes purchase and sale decisions based on the consensus of available members.

A schedule of advisory fees is available. Advisory fees may be deducted from a client’s account, at the client’s direction, or may be paid directly by the client.

We are registered as an investment adviser with the Securities and Exchange Commission (SEC) under the Investment Advisers Act of 1940, and are subject to SEC reporting requirements and examinations.

We do not attempt to be all things to
all people, but instead pursue a value-
oriented approach to investment management
first pioneered by Benjamin Graham.

Tweedy, Browne employs a team-oriented approach in the management of client accounts.